Location: Mountainair, New Mexico

Project Type: New 345kV Series Compensation Substation project

Scope of Work: Our scope of work for this new compensation substation was to clear and grub (including trees) the 142,800 square foot plot of land, cut and fill the area to build a pad with a center crown that had a 1% slope in each direction. We installed ditches, culverts, and water collection ponds for proper drainage. Inside the substation, we prepared the pad foundations, installed the roadways, and we will be placing yard rock around all the electrical equipment in the next few months. 

Unique Problem:

New Mexico is a “one drop” state. This means that if any of our equipment has a leak and a drop of oil hits the ground, it is a reportable event. The nice part about Grade Tech is that we take pride in our equipment and perform regular maintenance to keep our equipment running like new. Because we take care of our machines each and every day, the likelihood of a spill or leak is greatly reduced which allows us to continue working to complete the project on time and in a clean, safe, environmentally friendly manner.

New Mexico Substation in Mountainair, New Mexico


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