Grade Tech offers a full spectrum of excavating and grading services for the Power Industry. Bringing three generations of site development experience to the Power Generation market, we have the expertise needed to execute your civil projects efficiently and safely. Our team has knowledge and experience executing power line and substation projects, including right of way for utility installations and building, demo and expansion of substations.

We utilize our fleet of late model equipment coupled with leading edge civil engineering technology to provide the highest quality and most reliable service to power suppliers.

With Grade Tech, no project is too large or too small – we can get the job done when and where you need it. Our footprint includes excavation and grading projects across the United States. With our aviation team, we can be anywhere you need us in 24 hours.

Excavating and Grading

When it comes to earthmoving and preparing a site for construction, Grade Tech can handle the largest grading projects under the tightest deadlines. We understand how to get the job done…and get it done right. We combine the latest equipment and techniques with our practical experience. Our late model fleet includes excavators, rock slingers, scrapers, loaders, graders, dozers, rollers and compactors run by experienced operators.


As power consumption continues to grow, the need for new substations, expansion of existing substations and the demolition of outdated/unused substations grows as well. From excavation and backfill to road finishes, yard finishes, access roads and drainage ditches, our team is experienced in all of the civil work involved in the building, expansion and demo of power substations. We can do it all…and do it safely.

  • SWPPP – Erosion and Dust Control
  • Clearing and Grubbing Project Area
  • Excavation – Cut
  • Excavation – Fill
  • RipRap Installation – Ditches and Slopes
  • Removing Foundations
  • Access Road Construction
  • Perimeter Drainage Ditches
  • Road Finishes – Installing Imported Material
  • Yard Finsihes – Installing Imported Rock
  • Excavate and Backfill Foundations and Gate Aprons
  • Excavate and Backfill Cable Tray
  • Install Culverts
  • Construction Staking and Survey
  • Soil Sterilization
  • Oil Containment Lined Berms

Right of Way

Our team specializes in constructing roadways or pathways (Right Of Way) for utility installations. We have worked with the Bureau of Land Management and our customers on ROW projects that span miles through all types of terrain.

  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Access Road Improvements
  • Pads and Landings
  • Drainage improvements
  • Culverts
  • Temporary/Permanent improvements
  • Fencing and Gates
  • SWPPP (Storm water pollution prevention plan) improvements and monitoring
  • Final Reclamation & Re-seeding


When a site is no longer in use, the soil needs to be replaced and restored to its original contour. Our team can manage the reclamation process, replacing the soil and repairing any damage or negative effects that may have occurred throughout the site’s lifespan.


In addition to the actual excavating and grading work, we offer civil engineering services to support heavy civil construction projects. These services assist project managers with planning the project in order to ensure efficiency and save money.

Our internal survey department performs surveying and layout work at the project site. We can also assist with preliminary design and quantities. Finally, we can provide a cost analysis and budgetary numbers upfront so that the project manager has the full picture prior to commencing the project.


Put Grade Tech Power Services to work on your next project. Contact us for more information or to request a bid.