It’s Not Just a Job: Choosing a Career in the Trades Can Be Your Path to Success

The trade industry in this country – and others around the world – are the lifeblood upon which generations of families have built their lives. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents made their livings with their hands and helped to build the infrastructure of our nation. It gave them great pride to say that they built something.

Today, however, there is a negative perception of becoming a tradesperson. Children have been taught that to get a decent-paying, career-worthy job, they need to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree. That prevailing perception is contributing to a shortage of skilled labor for the trades, and causing many young people to miss out on the opportunity for a well-paying job which they can build into a lifelong and lucrative career.

Why Work With Us

Grade Tech offers a family-oriented, tight-knit culture that emphasizes training and development. No matter the position or experience level, each Grade Tech team member has the opportunity to learn and grow.

When you start your career at Grade Tech, you have the opportunity to learn the heavy civil construction business from the ground up. We will invest in you by providing paid training and giving you access to the most advanced equipment in the industry. You will also have the opportunity to develop new skills daily by learning from team members with years of experience…all while getting paid good money. This jumpstart can lead to advancement and eventual leadership roles which pay as much or more than many degreed jobs.

In short, a career at Grade Tech is a career you can grow with!

Get to Know the Owner

Rory Hall, Grade Tech’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, provides a unique look into his personal motivation, passion for the job, and philosophy of success in a candid video. Ever wonder what makes Grade Tech successful, what it’s like to work at a company like Grade Tech, or how to build a successful (and fulfilling) career without a college degree? You’ll get a no-holds-barred look at what makes Rory tick—and what makes Grade Tech successful.


Aimed at retaining our qualified team and recruiting high character individuals, Grade Tech offers best-in-class benefits and compensation.


Grade Tech places a high value on its employees and encourages work/life balance. We pay our team members well, offering compensation above the industry average.


Grade Tech offers medical and dental insurance with no premium cost to its employees. We pay 100% – employees do not contribute to the plan premium.


Grade Tech employees are eligible to participate in our 401k plan. We provide a company match of up to 6% of salary for Traditional or Roth IRAs, with employees being fully vested after three years.


We provide life insurance for employees after 60 days of employment. In addition, we offer both short-term and long-term disability coverage.


In addition to offering above-average compensation, we provide Paid Time Off to all full-time employees. PTO days start to accrue on the first day of employment.


Grade Tech appreciates the time our team members spend travelling on the job and believes in compensating our team members above industry standard rates.


We support our employees’ efforts to “give back” to the community. Once an employee is with Grade Tech for three years, we will make an annual donation to that employee’s charity of choice.

Frequently asked questions

You don’t need any experience to start with Grade Tech. If you are willing to learn, we will train you.

Yes. You will have the opportunity to grow, advance and build a lifelong career at Grade Tech. We promote from within whenever possible, giving deserving employees the opportunity to advance to foreman positions and other leadership roles.

Our team, which is based in Utah, travels throughout the country working on important electrical infrastructure projects. You will have the chance to fly on our private plane and experience the many places and cultures throughout the nation.

At Grade Tech, we value our employees above all else. We are proud of our family-oriented, tight-knit culture. We believe in open communication and team work. We invest in our employees, providing training and development opportunities, and emphasize work/life balance.

Apply Now

We are not hiring seasonal employees. Please apply if you are interested in a long term career at Grade Tech. Thank you in advance. 


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