A career in the trades in this country – and others around the world – is the lifeblood upon which generations of families have built their lives. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents made their livings with their hands and helped to build the infrastructure of our nation. It gave them great pride to say that they built something.

Today, however, there is a negative perception of becoming a tradesperson. Children have been taught that to get a decent-paying, career-worthy job, they need to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree. That prevailing perception is contributing to a shortage of skilled labor for the trades, and causing many young people to miss out on the opportunity for a well-paying job which they can build into a lifelong and lucrative career.

Opportunity is Knocking

The shortage of new workers entering the trades combined with the booming economy and continuation of baby boomers retiring and leaving the workforce has created a lush field of opportunity for high school graduates. Today, young men and women can step into well-paying jobs straight out of high school. While your college-bound peers are accumulating debt and eventually entering a job market that is stagnant, you can start out earning more money in the construction field or another trade today than your peers will earn upon graduation…and not be saddled with the debt that comes along with higher education.

When you choose a trade, you have the opportunity to learn from the ground up; to learn the craft through hands-on training, mentorship programs, certificate programs and on-the-job experience…all while getting paid good money. This jumpstart can lead to advancement and eventual leadership roles which pay as much or more than many degreed jobs. In short, a career in construction is a career you can grow with.

Grow with Grade Tech

Typically, when we think of six-figure jobs, we tend to think of tech jobs – sitting in the office at a computer. We don’t think about construction foremen and company owners making that kind of money. But they do, and you can too. Grade Tech’s career employees have seen, on average, a 74% increase in their salaries over a 10 year period. As you advance to foreman positions and leadership roles, you can earn a six-figure salary.

But it’s not all about money. There are other advantages to starting your career with a company like Grade Tech. Our team is a close-knit unit, working and learning together. As a member of the team, you will have the opportunity to develop new skills daily by learning from team members with years of experience. We will invest in you by providing paid training and opportunities for advancement.

You will also have the opportunity to travel and visit many new places throughout the United States. Our team, which is based in Utah, travels throughout the country working on important electrical infrastructure projects. You will have the chance to fly on our private plane and experience the many places and cultures throughout the nation.

Adding to the “cool factor” of a job with Grade Tech is the hands-on experience with the newest equipment and latest technology in the industry. We believe in investing in the most advanced equipment on the market in order to make your job easier, more efficient and, most importantly, safe.

In short, we will give you every opportunity to build a dependable career which will both fulfill you and sustain you for a lifetime.

The Choice is Yours – A Career in the Trades

A career in the trades, being a tradesman, and working on jobs like construction has become a lost art. The push to get a college degree and the negative perception of choosing a career in the trades have depleted our country’s skilled labor force and created a shortage of workers. But, on the bright side, that shortage means that there is great opportunity for you. There are plenty of well-paying jobs available and waiting for you.

Make no mistake. A career in construction – or any other trade – is not just a fallback for those who couldn’t afford or make it in college. Starting your career in construction with Grade Tech has many advantages, including paid training and the opportunity to grow, advance and build a lifelong career. Discover all that we have to offer!