Grade Tech is proud to celebrate the success of our endeavor into Mobile Batch Planting! We started our on-site concrete service in 2022 building a fleet and skilled crew that has, to date, successfully provided on-site concrete services to construction sites in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.

With our multiple Mobile Batch Plants, Grade Tech brings efficient, high-quality, concrete production to job sites. Run by skilled craftsmen experienced in selecting and perfecting a high-quality mix of aggregate and other ingredients, our mobile batch plants ensure the timely delivery of fresh concrete mix that meets standards and is tailored specifically for the job at hand. The bottom line: the right concrete is at the job site when contractors need it.

In addition, our on-site lab allows us to test the quality of the concrete in real time and our technicians are available to ensure proper placement and troubleshoot any issues that may arise—saving contractors time and money.

“Our on-site lab is a great timesaver,” said Josh, Quality Control Manager. “It gives us real-time data without the added movement and time of sending mud to an outside lab for testing.”

This service is open to contractors throughout the midwest who need concrete for their construction projects. To learn more about bringing Grade Tech’s mobile concrete expertise to your job site, call us at (801) 432-7169 or visit our contact page.