Location: Reno, NV

Project Duration: 1.5 months

Project Type: New Substation and Access Road Construction

Scope of Work: Since the substation pad was already built and the foundations were poured, our scope of work consisted of cleanup and haul-off of foundation spoils, prep work for and placement of yard finish rock, finishing the roads inside of the substation and building a secondary access road that connected to a NDOT parkway. The access road included installation of a cattleguard, culvert and drainage ditches.

Unique Problem:

During construction of the access road, it was discovered that there was not sufficient coverage over existing fiber optic lines that ran perpendicular to the road. We modeled a design change which we presented to the customer that would provide the desired clearance over the fiber lines while maintaining sufficient slope to the road and they approved the change which ultimately saved them money.



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