Location: Eagle Mountain, Utah

Project Duration: 8 Months
Project Type: New Substation
Scope of Work:
Our client was building a 345 kV substation for a new data center located in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Our role in the project included the creation of a 34.5 acre site complete with foundation, excavation and backfill; installation of cable tray including backfill; fine grading of the site; and the placement of 617,000 square feet of road base and 195,000 square feet of insulating rock. We completed our scope of work and met our client’s unique needs within 6 weeks.

Unique Problem:

The unique challenge for this project was the combination of the vast size of the job with the short timeframe. To complete the work within the timeline, we altered our typical linear approach, dividing the project into pieces and leap frogging around each other to work several pieces at the same time. This change in approach was made possible by the specialized equipment that we use. Having the latest, most innovative equipment provided us the flexibility we needed to fulfill our client’s needs while meeting the deadline and staying within budget.

Eagle Mountain Utah Substation Project
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