As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter our way of life, one thing has become abundantly clear – our country is dependent on blue collar workers. It is these “essential workers” who have kept our nation going as we endure the unprecedented impact the virus. As we emerge from the pandemic and the economy begins to recover, we need to recognize the lessons that have come out of this crisis; particularly that this country’s foundation was and is dependent on those working in the trades and the skilled and dedicated people that do them.


When it comes to the blue collar work force and in particular the skilled trades, there has been a shortage of new entrants for years. Despite many opportunities, there continues to be a lack of candidates who are willing to build careers working in the trades. The negative perception of blue collar jobs is resulting in a shortage of skilled tradesman which has impacted each and every company or individual proprietor, including Grade Tech.


At Grade Tech, we are proud of the work we do and encourage high school graduates and older individuals who are looking to switch careers to consider a career in the trades. We think you’ll find that the benefits of working in the trades are worth a second look.


Here are the top 10 reasons we LOVE being blue collar tradesmen:


  1. We are the rock stars of our country! The importance of tradesmen/tradeswomen and essential workers has never been more evident. This nation relies upon the skilled workers to keep it running – they can’t live without us!


  1. Opportunity is knocking. There is high demand for blue collar workers. Most young adults pursue higher education, leaving a serious shortage of workers to fill the increasing number of available jobs.


  1. We love money! Many construction and trade jobs pay better than office and tech jobs. It is a misperception that the trades don’t pay well.


  1. We climb the ladder in more ways than one. Learning a trade from the ground up can lead to career growth, advancing to foreman and even management. Many tradesmen take what they learn on the job and start their own companies. The sky is the limit! Leave working for the man at the door for your own path to success.


  1. We’re digging dirt, not digging our way out of debt. Instead of borrowing tens of thousands of dollars to pay for a college tuition, tradesmen can get on the job paid training. Either way, tradesmen have a leg up on their white collar peers when it comes to debt – or lack thereof.


  1. We work side by side with our brothers. There is no better place to form lifelong bonds than working side-by-side at a job site, where we rely on each other to get the job done.


  1. We’re never bored. There is no time to be stagnant and bored when you’re Tradesmen. We are on the move and often get to enjoy the great outdoors while working – no cubicles here!


  1. We leave our mark. There is a sense of satisfaction gained when workers see the results of their skills and their hard work instantly. Tradesmen can take pride in their accomplishments, knowing that they are making a difference in their communities and their country.


  1. No gym memberships for us. A blue collar career often requires a lot of physical strength and movement around a job site. While white collar workers spend their days sitting behind a desk, blue collar workers are moving about, building strength and endurance.


  1. We can’t be outsourced. In an era when technological advancements like robots and modernization are putting people out of work, a job in the trades still -and always will be – a job right here in America.