It’s no secret that there are safety risks associated with the excavating and grading work we do at Grade Tech Services but we always put safety first. Earth moving can create hazards such as cave-ins, residual gases and heavy equipment accidents, not to mention the dangers from working around electrical infrastructure such as power lines and substations. At Grade Tech, we put the safety of our employees and customers first…and we are proud to be accident-free for more than 10 years!

Safety is not just a buzz word at Grade Tech, it is a core value that is woven into the fabric of our company culture. We live and breathe it each and every day. We are committed to employee and jobsite safety above all else. To that end, we have worked hard to develop a top-notch program to keep our staff safe and healthy.

Our program emphasizes training and communication as well as top-grade equipment. We continuously evaluate the program components to stay current with best practices and ensure that we are taking the right steps to protect our team, our customers and the surrounding community. Components of our program include:

  • Daily Tailboard Meetings – We start each day at the jobsite with a safety meeting to review any potential job hazards or issues prior to starting work.
  • Specialized Equipment – We have invested in the most advanced equipment for working on powerline and substation projects , allowing us to do jobs better, faster and, most importantly, safer.
  • Monthly Company-wide Safety Meetings – Procedures, issues and potential risks are discussed with the entire team on a monthly basis; after all, safety is everyone’s job!
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Grade Tech provides workers with ALL protective equipment, including – but not limited to – their fire-resistant shirts, pants, coats, vests and sweatshirts, hardhats, safety glasses, gloves, winter boots, etc.
  • Training – We believe that the best defense against accidents is proper training. Therefore, we invest in Substation Entry Training and OSHA 10-hour training courses for all team members. We also provide Class A CDL training for those employees who do not already have it.
  • Open Communication and Accountability – Grade Tech has an open-door communication policy, allowing employees and management to share experiences and to learn from each other.

Safety is truly priority #1 at Grade Tech. We take all of the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and jobsites – putting safety above profit, timelines and all else. After all, our employees are our greatest asset and we would not be where we are today without their experience, expertise and effort on behalf of our company.

Thank you to all of our team members at Grade Tech for doing your job well and for putting safety first in everything you do. Congratulations on 10 years of accident-free work. We appreciate your commitment and your talent!