Construction new hire procedure should be at the core of every construction company. New employees have the highest risk of being in an accident on the job. Grade Tech Services specifically works with new hires to ensure they have the proper training and equipment to work safely.

Construction New Hire Procedure

Fit-for-Duty: Before employment, the worker must pass the following fit-for-duty screens:

  • Pre-hire drug screen: A urine test must be completed within 48 hours of the job offer. Grade Tech Services will contract the screening through Intermountain WorkMed services.
  • Personal driving record: An employee must not have a DUI on their record within the past seven years.
  • Criminal history record: Grade Tech Services may conduct a back ground check if they feel necessary. Safety begins with level-headed minds, and employees showing histories with excess anger towards others or recklessness will not be hired.

Orientation: New hires will receive the Grade Tech Services safety manual, a copy of this safety program, proper personal protective equipment and a 6-hour orientation given online through and in-office PowerPoints and quizzes. The online orientation, presentations and quizzes must be completed in the presence of a qualified GTS supervisor before the employee is allowed to set foot on a job site. The orientation contains the following topics.

  • GTS Safety Program
  • General Safety
  • Company Rules
  • Safety Meetings
  • Reporting Unsafe Conditions
  • Trench/Excavation safety
  • Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Overhead Power & Electrical Safety
  • Confined Spaces Safety
  • Slips and Falls prevention
  • Spotting Techniques
  • Machinery and Equipment Safety
  • Proper use of Ladders, Scaffolds, Platforms, and Safety Harnesses
  • Hand and Portable Electric Tools Safety
  • Fire and Flammable Materials Safety
  • First Aid
  • Housekeeping
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Medical Treatment/Injury Reports
  • New Hire Training Program

OSHA 10-Hour course: New hires are also required to complete the OSHA 10-Hour course within the first 90 days of employment or face termination. The course will be completed using

Daily Training: Supervisors will identify hazards of daily tasks at the beginning of each day during the “Take 5” meeting. As part of this daily orientation, supervisors will make sure that workers new to the crew receive a site walk down with the supervisor to review hazards and site conditions.

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