When we think of or speak of entrepreneurs, we often think of the “white collar” world, whether that be business offices and tech companies, retail stores or online shops. What many young, enterprising people fail to realize is that the trades can be a great place to fulfill one’s entrepreneurial dreams.

In today’s world, there is a growing need for skilled tradespeople. With many young people choosing to go to college (and not even realizing the benefits and opportunity in the trades) and baby boomers aging quickly and moving toward retirement, demand is outpacing supply – in other words, there is more work available than there are tradesmen to do it. For those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, opportunity is knocking and the sky is the limit!


Opportunity in the Trades

Although it is not often promoted in our society, the trades provide a lot of opportunity for those who have the entrepreneurial drive. Many people in the trades – contractors, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and others – are successful entrepreneurs. They own their businesses and control their own fates – they can choose to go it alone or build the business by hiring others in order to take on more clients. Either way, there is plenty of opportunity and money to be made in the trades.

Whether you dream about a big house, owning your own plane, an expensive ride and all the things money can buy, or you’re motivated by flexibility and a strong sense of accomplishment, you can achieve those objectives by bringing your entrepreneurial spirit to the trades. After all, when it comes to success, the same principles apply in both the blue collar and white color worlds – success is achieved through drive, determination, hard work and a “never say die” attitude. That is the entrepreneurial spirit, and no matter what their field of endeavor, all successful entrepreneurs have it.


Build Your Skills at Grade Tech

For budding entrepreneurs who like to work with their hands or enjoy the great outdoors, a career in heavy civil construction at Grade Tech is a great option. At Grade Tech, anyone with the entrepreneurial mindset can learn the ins and outs of the industry and develop the skills needed to eventually move on to bigger things – like owning your own civil construction company or working for a larger company in a leadership role. Grade Tech strives to be a game changer in the industry by staying ahead of the curve with new technologies and methods. We don’t stand still – we keep up with the latest advancements and equipment that keep us in the game and ahead of the pack. What better place to learn the ropes?

At Grade Tech, you’ll learn the technical skills you need while honing your entrepreneurial skills; things like: how to conduct yourself to be successful, personal accountability, how to learn from both success and failure, and how to forge forward when the chips are down. Come learn and grow with us – and get the training you need to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream!