Grade Tech is proud to welcome Tyson Horlacher, Operator Foreman, to the team. Tyson got his start in excavation work in 1996 after graduating from Orem High School. He started as a Laborer and learned many skills, including pipe laying and operating a loader. After several years “in the dirt” Tyson transitioned to working in the natural gas industry where he stayed for more than 11 years. As it became harder to get parts and materials for the gas work, Tyson decided it was time for a change and, as luck would have it, the open position at Grade Tech popped up in his Facebook feed.

Tyson explained that the Operator Foreman job was a perfect fit at the perfect time for him. “The Grade Tech job sounded too good to be true, but Amanda [one of Grade Tech’s Office Members] called me back right away, so I knew it was legit,” he said. “When I went into the office, David Barlow was there and he knew me and my capabilities, so it all worked out.”

Tyson then explained that he started working with Mark Rutter and learned what he needed to know to be prepared for the job. “I really liked working with Mark and learning what he knows; now I feel like I know enough to help run a crew,” Tyson said, adding triumphantly, “I got the GT style down and now I’m ready!”

Rory Hall is happy with the way Tyson is fitting in with the GT guys. “It’s always good to bring on a guy like Tyson who has a wide range of experience,” he explained. “His excavating experience and willingness to learn the way we work here makes him a good fit for us. I am excited to have him on the team!”

That willingness to learn from others on the job is something that Tyson believes in wholeheartedly. He says that he knows that success comes from paying attention, listening, and being willing to learn. “You need to be willing to learn because a lot of these older guys know a lot more than you do,” the newcomer explained. “My best advice to anyone is to be able to take criticism…don’t be cocky like you don’t need to listen…and always show up on time.”

Since Tyson joined the GT team, he has fit right in and has a positive impression of the way things work and the guys he works with. “I like the guys a lot so far; everyone has a ‘can do’ attitude and they get things done…everyone jumps in to make things happen,” he said. Along with liking the people, the thing Tyson likes most about the job is the chance to be outdoors and not be cooped up inside, even though he is not fond of the cold winters!

Tyson sees a lot of room for growth at Grade Tech and believes that as long as he is willing to step up and learn, the sky’s the limit. He said, “Nothing will hold you back here as long as you have the right attitude and want to learn.”



When he’s not on the job, Tyson is an outdoors guy who enjoys camping with his three young daughters (ages 12, 11, and 10), fishing, and four-wheeling. He also enjoys relaxing with a drink in his hand and, when possible, taking time to catch up on sleep.

Please join us in welcoming Tyson to the Grade Tech team!