Grade Tech is proud to welcome Kicen Keller, Operator, to the team! He joined the GT Crew as a Laborer a few months ago and quickly moved up to Operator. 

The Utah native (born and raised in the Murray and raised in both South and West Jordan) didn’t start out his career in the dirt. Instead, he went from framing to concrete work and then to pipe laying before landing at Grade Tech. 

Kicen says that after trying several different trades, he thinks he has found his career path at Grade Tech. “Grade Tech is definitely my favorite job so far,” he explained. “I just love it! I really like being around the machines, pushing dirt, and I like being outside and working with the crew too. It’s different here… the people care about you personally and the benefits are good.  I feel a lot more taken care of here than anywhere else I’ve been.”

Nothing makes Rory happier than to hear that one of the young guys on his crew is planning to build a career in the trades. “I love when we can “keep it in the family” and hire a guy like Kicen,” said Rory. “Like his father, “Joe Dirt”, Kicen has shown dedication to the job and a desire to learn – I can’t ask for much more than that.” 


Kicen says that the opportunity to learn and move up is what drew him to Grade Tech—even if he does have to wake up super early for work. “I had very little experience in equipment when I came here, but they were willing to teach me and I and learned everything here to be able to move up,” he said. 


He believes that his willingness to learn, ask questions, and his passion for the job has led to his success and will hopefully earn him the right to move into a Foreman position down the road. “I’m looking forward to traveling a lot and moving up as far as I can go,” he explained.

For now, he is excited about being in the equipment and moving a ton of dirt this summer! 

When he is not on the job, he can be found spending time in the great outdoors, fishing, camping or doing a number of other activities. In the winter, he plays ice hockey.

Please join us in welcoming Kicen to the Grade Tech team!