Grade Tech is proud to welcome Joe Nielsen, Equipment Mechanic, to the team! The Salt Lake City native brings 8 years of mechanical experience and more than a decade of experience in the construction industry.

Joe says he has always had a penchant for problem solving and figuring out tough issues. That innate ability led him to transition from building houses, working in the copper mine, and grinding asphalt to repairing equipment. “I’ve always been mechanically inclined, so the transition from running equipment to fixing it came naturally,” he explains. “[At my previous job,] we worked alone in remote areas, and I was kind of forced into it—I had to fix things.”

Being an Equipment Mechanic, according to Joe, requires patience and a willingness to learn, not to mention a whole-lotta tools! He is confident that his methodical work ethic and desire “not to do a half-ass job” will lead to success as the first full-time, in-house mechanic at Grade Tech. 

Rory Hall says that he believes he made the right choice in hiring Joe. “With our recent growth, we really needed a mechanic on staff to eliminate wait times for maintenance and repairs, and Joe is proving to be the right fit for the job.”

Joe, who came on board on September 1st, says that he is impressed with Grade Tech’s equipment, pointing out that it is obvious that Grade Tech’s fleet of late model equipment has been well taken care of prior to his arrival and that he is happy to be given the time and tools needed to do the job right. “Their equipment and trucks are nice, and they don’t want ‘bubble gum’ fixes; they let me take my time to fix it right,” he explains.

Joe is equally impressed with the people he works with and the work culture at Grade Tech.All the guys are really cool here,” he says. “Everywhere you work, there is usually drama, but there is much less drama here. Everyone gets along pretty well and is good to work with.”

As Grade Tech continues to grow, Joe hopes to eventually transition to Shop Manager, supervising a team of mechanics. Until then, he is happy to learn the specifics of dealing with equipment that is working in dirt as opposed to on asphalt, and to building his skill set.

Outside of work, Joe enjoys spending time with his 2 young children. They enjoy spending the weekends in Idaho riding their side-by-side and dirt bikes.

Please join us in welcoming Joe to the Grade Tech team!