Grade Tech is proud to welcome Jarom Naylor, CDL Driver, to the team. In addition to his experience as a transport driver, the Salt Lake City native and lifelong resident is well-versed in operating other construction vehicles and also has some construction experience in his background.


Jarom began his career in the trades when he was a teenager, working for his uncle building countertops for Maverik. From there, he went to work driving dump trucks for another uncle’s construction company. When he turned 18, he got his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). It was during this two-year stint at his uncle’s that he began transporting equipment to job sites.


Having gained experience in construction and equipment operating and earning his CDL, Jarom joined a utility and heavy civil construction firm in the local area where he learned how to operate a roto-milling machine. During his two years at the company, he served as a foreman, transporting machines and running jobs.


Fortunately for Grade Tech, Jarom has been a lifelong friend of David Barlow, Grade Tech Services Operations Foreman, who convinced Jarom to take a look at the company, and he liked what he saw. “I wanted to try something new and I’ve been watching Grade Tech’s social media and it looked like a good company,” he explained. “So, I decided to give it a shot.” 


Rory Hall said that he was looking for another experienced transport driver and explained that although experience is a requirement, it’s not the only thing Grade Tech looks for when hiring. “When we hire new guys, it is important that they share the same work ethic and values as the guys they’ll be working with,” he explained. “For us to be successful, it is important that everyone meshes and works well together. Jarom seemed like a great fit for our team and we are happy to have him!”


For Jarom, it seems like driving the big trucks and operating the big equipment is in his blood. He explained that the desire was in him from an early age. “Ever since I was a kid I would see the semis on the road and wanted to get into it,” he said. “I always wanted to have a little trucking in my life.” 


Jarom likes being behind the wheel. He says it gives him an opportunity to travel across states and see the scenery. Of course, the long hours and being away from home can sometimes take its toll, but Jarom is happy to be on the job and puts in 100% each and every day.


He says he believes in giving his all to the task at hand and hopes that his hard work will open opportunities for him. His advice to anyone who wants to move up the ranks: “Figure out what you want to do, jump all in and don’t be afraid to put in those long hours. Have a goal in mind, ask questions, learn everything you can—don’t just show up, put your all into it!” 


Jarom likes what he has found at Grade Tech. He says that everyone has a good attitude and there’s not a whole lot of complaining. “Everyone shows up and knows what to do,” he says. “We all work well together.” 


Jarom also sees opportunity at Grade Tech. “I always like to learn and try new things, and I know there’s a lot of growth at GT.” He explained. “Whether it’s being an operator, or manager, I know that there are career opportunities here for me.”


When he’s not on the road for Grade Tech, Jarom loves to skydive. He also spends as much time as he can at his family’s cabin in Price, where he enjoys riding snowmobiles and dirt bikes.


Please join us in welcoming Jarom to the Grade Tech team!