Ever wonder what makes Grade Tech successful, what it’s like to work at a company like Grade Tech, or how to build a successful (and fulfilling) career without a college degree? Rory Hall, Grade Tech’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, provides a unique look into his personal motivation, passion for the job, and philosophy of success in a new, candid video.

Rory and his dad (and fellow Grade Tech co-founder), Billy Hall, take you back to the beginning, explaining how Rory developed a passion for moving dirt and building things. You’ll get a no-holds-barred look at what makes Rory tick—and what makes Grade Tech successful.

Rory touches on the importance of finding your passion, playing the cards you’re dealt, and how success—no matter how you define it—comes from your character and drive, not a college degree. “The most wealthy people I know and the most successful people I know, ain’t none of them got a degree,” he explains. “And they all own their own businesses and they all started from somewhere.”

Rory also discusses the camaraderie that leads to cohesive teams, leadership, and the importance of family—at home and on the job.

You’ll also hear from several Grade Tech employees who share their opinions on the work ethic, opportunity, and brotherhood at the company. You’ll get a feel for what it’s like to work with these guys and what it takes to do what they do—provide grading and excavating services to power generation companies across the U.S.—each and every day.

Watch this video to get this unique, insider’s view of Grade Tech, and Rory Hall.