Mark Rutter, Foreman, is celebrating two years on the job at Grade Tech. That is two years in his current run with the company. Mark worked for Grade Tech several years ago, starting as a Heavy Equipment Operator then moving into a Foreman role, but his family needed him at home, “off the road,” so he moved into a couple of different jobs that kept him close to home. Once things at home settled down, he returned to Grade Tech in his Foreman role.


We welcomed Mark Rutter back with open arms,” said Rory Hall. “He proved himself early on when he first came here and got right back at it when he returned—we’re happy to have him back on the team!”


The Salt Lake City native and longtime Heber City resident spent his early career working on the local ski slopes in the winters—making snow and grooming the slopes—and the golf courses in the summers, with a brief foray into residential excavation before doing full time/year-round maintenance work for the ski resorts. After some time at the resorts, he decided to look into excavating jobs (since he had some previous experience) and joined Grade Tech, where he got to “play” with the construction equipment.


The transition seemed natural since he has loved operating any type of equipment since he was a kid. Mark says that his mom tells a story about him and equipment all the time. “When I was a kid, I would steal the glass bulbs off the Christmas tree and break them so I could vacuum because it was the only piece of equipment I had at the time,“ he said with a chuckle.


Mark RutterWith Grade Tech Mark is learning about the power industry and what it takes to flip on the light switch at home. Working on the power infrastructure gives him a sense of accomplishment. He has turned his early love of equipment into a career that builds and benefits communities, one in which he “builds America” and “does his part.”


Mark loves what he does and says that his job keeps him hopping—from addressing the challenges that arise everyday to keeping his crew safe—and that a good attitude and listening skills are a must. He agrees with the popular cliché about being born with two ears, but only one mouth, making listening more important than talking. “It’s important to listen to those with experience and learn from other people’s mistakes,” he explained. “It’s also important to keep your hands out of your pockets—and to keep your phone in your pocket!”


Mark RutterHe is happy to be back at “the best employer I’ve ever worked for” and says the company treats employees well and provides the best equipment. “They treat everyone so well and fairly; they are great teachers and don’t micromanage; and they give you the opportunities,” he said, adding, “They spare no expense when it comes to tools we need. It’s hands down the best place I’ve ever been.” 


As Mark moves forward with Grade Tech, he would like to eventually get into project management or a supervisory role, learning more about what it takes to make the business successful. He would like to learn more about how to balance family time and field time, and to assist and manage the younger guys that are on the road. “I’d like to still be in the field, but in a leadership role so I can help the new guys succeed,” he said.


Mark RutterWhen Mark is not working he enjoys fishing, hiking and spending time with his family. He also spends time working with protection dogs. He became interested in training dogs when he got a dog five years ago. That dog—a Shepherd named Moka, was really hyper so Mark needed to do some research on how to train him to be a great family dog while still being a protector. His other interest is clear to all who meet him—tattoos. “I have quite a few of those!” he exclaimed.


Please join us in congratulating Mark Rutter on his 2-year anniversary with Grade Tech and wishing him more success in the years to come!