Jeff Thomas, Laborer, is celebrating two years on the job at Grade Tech.

“We’re proud to have Jeff as part of the Grade Tech team,” said Rory Hall, COO and Co-founder of Grade Tech. “Jeff brings a positive attitude and a great work ethic to the job each and every day. I believe he has a bright future here.”

Jeff Thomas grew up in Holden, Utah. After high school, he got his start in the business as a laborer and then quickly moved up to driving a water truck for Solar Farms Construction. After a brief stint there,  moved to Wyoming to take a job in the oil fields—which were booming at that time—with his uncle Brian. He worked in the oil fields for about two years before joining the Grade Tech team and now he commutes to Utah from Wyoming.  

“I moved to Grade Tech because it’s a trade you can take anywhere, and there is room for growth and to learn innovative technologies like the tilt rotators,” he explained. He added that he likes that the job gives him the opportunity to travel to different places and to see a project through from start to finish. “I like seeing the end product of what we’ve been building for so many months. For instance, I am working in Midway [Utah] right now and I get to see it from sub grade to yard rock to final completion, and learn what it takes to build a substation.” 

Jeff believes in having a positive attitude and the “right mindset” no matter what he’s doing. He says that the right attitude gets him through the tough times and the times when he is away from home and his loved ones. He believes in showing up on time, working hard, getting along with his coworkers and staying focused, alert and safe. “I know if I work hard, the opportunities will come. I learned that in basics [basic training]. Being humble, consistent and driven will lead to success.”

Jeff also uses his positive mindset and steadfast work ethic to serve our country and local community as a part-time member of the Army National Guard. He loves being in uniform and being able to serve others. He does admit, however, that it can be difficult to advance in his construction career because of the time spent serving in the local unit. “It can be challenging to be in the military and have a full-time job,” he explained. “Sometimes it separates me from the team and I lose out on opportunities for jobs that might help me grow or on potential opportunities to become an operator.” Despite the missed opportunities, Jeff is proud to serve and is appreciative that both Grade Tech and the National Guard are understanding of his commitments to both. 

When he’s not working for Grade Tech or fulfilling his service requirements, Jeff enjoys working out. A self-proclaimed gym rat, he can be found at the gym every day after work—even after a long day on the job. “It’s a lifestyle,” he said. “I will push myself every day even on the rough days.” He also enjoys spending time at the lake, camping and hanging out with his wife, Destany, and their 2 dogs, Ace and Lily.

Please join us in congratulating Jeff Thomas on his 2-year anniversary with GradeTech and wishing him more success in the years to come!