There have been many graduation parties and celebrations over the last couple of weeks in recognition of past successes and opportunity that lay ahead. Whether your loved one is graduating from preschool, middle school, or high school, we applaud their accomplishments and their dedication to learning. We also want to support the next step in their journeys and make sure our young people are aware of ALL the opportunities available to them—now and in the future.


As more and more desk job layoffs happen, the skilled trade jobs are plentiful, secure, and offer paid training. There are many paths to take in life and career, but often the trades are not presented as an option to our young people. And that’s a mistake.


Many young people are pushed toward college, and that’s the right path for some of them. But it’s not the right path for all. Learning a skilled trade can be the right opportunity for many young people, so why not let them explore these opportunities? 


Many of our Grade Tech team can attest to the fact that there is unlimited opportunity to build a lucrative and enjoyable career in the trades. We build our country and are essential to our communities, and we need to encourage young people to consider learning a skilled trade. 


We realize the trades aren’t for everyone—just like college isn’t for everyone—but many young people don’t really know all their options. We encourage you to have conversations with the young people in your lives to help them see the value of learning a skilled trade and getting paid training. 


Like all of us at Grade Tech and other “blue collar” companies, many young people are not cut out to sit behind a desk all day. Building a career in which they can be outdoors creating something that will benefit their communities and the country for years to come is a better option for some. For these young people, a career in the trades would be more enjoyable and sustainable than anything for which they could go to college. 


There is unlimited opportunity for those who want to make a career in the trades; those who choose to work hard and learn new skills can move up to leadership positions and have a solid career and a high quality of life. Those who have entrepreneurial goals can learn on the job and then break out to start their own companies—and write their own tickets to success, rather than working for others. 


The bottom line is that there are many options and many paths that lead to success and satisfaction throughout our lives. The key for each person is to find the option that best fits his or her own likes, dislikes, and ambitions. Everyone should be given the opportunity to take the path that suits them best, so let’s make sure that the young people in our lives know all their options and can choose what’s best for them. 


Congratulations to all 2023 graduates! If you want to explore a career at Grade Tech, contact us.