As we pause to reflect on 2023, host our 4th annual Grade Tech Gives back Christmas party, and ring in the new year, we think about the decisions we’ve made that have built a stronger foundation for Grade Tech’s future and the opportunities we’ve had to grow as a team.


While we successfully expanded the scope of our business this year, that accomplishment required many long work weeks for our dedicated crews. Kudos to everyone who put in 7-day, 70+ hour weeks and spent weeks on the road away from loved ones to ensure we delivered on our promises to our clients and partners. We faced a lot of challenges this year (as was expected) but we triumphed over each and every one of them and grew in the process.


Some of our team members took a short break in October to attend the first-ever Ariat Dirt World Summit in Houston, Texas. The Grade Tech crew was among more than 750 industry leaders who gathered to tackle issues related to workforce development, leadership, construction technology, mental health, and more. In addition to networking with our peers and learning about industry information, the trip gave us a chance to kick back and have a few laughs together. 


To round out 2023, a group of our crew members and their families—90 in all—continued the company’s tradition of giving back by helping the Utah Food Bank fill boxes of food for local families in need. Our 4th annual Grade Tech Gives Back Christmas Party was held at the food bank on Friday, December 15th. Our volunteers pitched in to ensure our friends and neighbors have food on their tables this Christmas. It was a great day of camaraderie, friendship, and giving back as we added some Grade Tech muscle to the effort to wipe out food insecurity in our local communities!


We’ve spent the last two years “building a better boat,” so to speak, so we have a little more wind in our sails heading into 2024. Thanks to our amazing team and dedicated leadership, we had some substantial wins in 2023, and we plan to continue building on this momentum in the coming year. With continued growth comes continued challenges. There is no doubt that we will face challenges in 2024, but we are primed and ready to meet them head-on.  


Success doesn’t come easy these days and we know that we can’t be successful without you. We extend our sincere thanks to our employees, customers, partners, and friends. We truly appreciate you and look forward to working together in 2024.