“Take 5” for General Construction Safety Procedures: Before each workday when the crew arrives on the jobsite and after lunch the supervisor will lead the team in a “Take 5” safety meeting. The supervisor will address the day’s tasks as well as associated hazards and defense controls. Each employee is required to attend this meeting and sign the “Take 5” document that the supervisor fills out. During the “Take 5” is also when supervisors will present special safety topics twice weekly.

Supervisor Conference Calls: Each day after the “Take 5” meetings, the supervisors on each job site will participate in a conference call. During this call the leaders will discuss what was covered in the “Take 5” meetings, as well as any other safety concerns. On Mondays and Thursdays one supervisor will be assigned to research a safety topic during the conference call. This topic may concern a near miss or a possible hazard that was spotted on a job site (see next paragraph.)

Safety Topics (Toolbox): A supervisor will be assigned a safety topic twice weekly, (on Monday and Thursday during the conference call). The assigned supervisor will then research the topic and disseminate the information to the other supervisors by the end of the day. All supervisors will read about the safety topic and present it during the “Take 5” meeting the following day (Tuesday and Friday respectively). This safety topic presentation should allow for discussion among the employees to resolve any questions they may have.

Accident Investigations: In the occurrence of an incident that results in injury to workers, as well as near misses, regardless of their nature, the supervisor on site will fill out an OSHA Form 301 Incident Report as soon as possible. Grade Tech Services will investigate the incident with the supervisor and also review this program to see if any procedures need to be changed.

Grade Tech takes General Construction Safety Procedures very seriously. We have been accident free for over 10 years!