There has been much written about the importance of Employee Engagement in today’s workplace, and the general consensus is that businesses whose employees are engaged have higher employee retention rates, better productivity and efficiency, and improved customer retention—no matter the size or type of the business. Basically, employees who are engaged and have a sense of belonging at work are more motivated and dedicated to their employer than those who feel isolated or disconnected.


In today’s job market, employee retention is the name of the game. As the “Great Resignation” continues, it is increasingly important for businesses to find a way to keep their skilled employees happy and in place. Like millions of businesses struggling through these unsettling times, Grade Tech is responding to the current fluctuation in the job market by evolving our already employee-friendly company culture in order to increase employee satisfaction and encourage both current and future employees to build long-term careers here.


One of the tools we are using to improve employee engagement is the Tyfoom app. This digital platform enables us to communicate with our teams in the field, provide important on-the-job training, and even keep track of important administrative tasks.


According to Rory Hall, the Tyfoom app has changed the way the company communicates and has had a positive effect on the entire Grade Tech team. “We have had great success using the Tyfoom app,” he said. “It allows us to stay in touch with our project teams no matter where they are and to provide important project updates, company news, and skill-specific training. It has proven to be a valuable tool—and the guys have taken to it quickly.”


Grade Tech team members utilize the app daily, watching short training videos and then answering questions to test what they learned. The video subjects range from general topics such as defensive driving and safe practices in the field to Grade Tech company policies, practices, and safety procedures. The app tracks each employee’s activity and awards badges for logins and completed tasks, giving rise to some friendly competition and bragging rights.


In addition to the trainings, we can easily disseminate timely information and messages digitally to all of our employees and track daily administrative items such as time off requests, certifications, and Department of Transportation status of our drivers, to name just a few.


Having all of these capabilities in one, centralized platform has made it easier to keep everyone informed and “on the same page.” It has eased some of the logistical challenges that arise from having teams scattered throughout Utah and across the western U.S. And it has done a lot for employee morale, as everyone feels connected and part of the team.


In fact, we’ve seen 100% success rate on daily usage. It’s been awesome!

If you are looking for a career in the trades, check out our open positions on our careers page.