Grade Tech is proud to celebrate Construction Safety Week 2021 this week, May 3 – 7, by reaffirming our commitment to safety on the job. At Grade Tech, safety is at the core of everything we do – every day. As one of our company’s core values, safety is woven into the fabric of our company culture. We have stringent safety policies and procedures in place to minimize risk and prevent harm to our teams, our customers, and the surrounding communities by which we work.

“Our employees are our greatest assets, and sending them home safe and sound every night is our number one priority,” explained Rory Hall, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Grade Tech. “There is nothing more important in our business than providing safe, accident-free, and injury-free work sites and Construction Safety Week is the perfect time for us to reevaluate our safety protocols and reaffirm our commitment to safety.”

Grade Tech’s safety program is centered around training and communication. Potential job hazards and important issues are discussed prior to the start of each project, each day. We also hold monthly safety meetings with our entire company to discuss potential risks and to review proper procedure. We also encourage open lines of communication and accountability at all times. Working in the power industry, our crews are often working around live powerlines, so we invest in Substation Entry Training and OSHA 10-hour training courses for all team members. We also invest in the most advanced equipment and protective gear on the market to minimize the risk for our crews.

In addition to the physical dangers, Grade Tech also recognizes the psychological risks that come with the job. We aim to eliminate outside distractions and emphasize focus at all times through our safety program and regular check-ins with on-site leaders.

“It’s vitally important for everyone to have their heads in the game in our business,” Hall stated. “If we lose focus, people can get hurt. So, we emphasize awareness, open communication, and accountability each and every day.”

About Construction Safety Week

An annual initiative, Construction Safety Week is an opportunity for the industry to celebrate accomplishments and to recommit to building a stronger, safer construction industry. The event, which essentially acts as a show of force across the entire construction industry, aims to re-energize safety initiatives in an effort to eliminate all incidents on construction job sites.