Grade Tech would like to celebrate Women in Construction Week by recognizing and appreciating these amazing women in our organization. They all have a unique story about how they found their way into the trades, and they have become an essential part of our success at Grade Tech.


Meet Paula Engebritson, Truck Driver at Grade Tech

Women in Construction - Paula Engebritson - Truck Driver at Grade Tech

“My dad trained me to drive trucks. He had his own construction company with 10 wheelers and I started trucking with him in ’87. I started driving a Truck and pup and then moved up to driving Double Belly’s. I worked with Billy and Rory Hall when they had their first company, Hall Excavation. I came back to work Rory and Billy at Grade Tech 1 1/2 years ago and still love what I do. I’ve been trucking all my life. I love working outdoors.”

– Paula


Meet the Mother Daughter Duo, Mahala and Gabi Velasquez, Office Manager and Office Assistant at Grade Tech

Women In Construction - Grade Tech - Mahala and Gabi“I have been working at Grade Tech for almost 6 years, and I will stay as long as they will keep me. I love that we feel like a big family. We all have each other’s backs, and everyone cares about everyone else. I guess I am kind of known as the company mom and I love that. I really do care about each and every person that I work with and could not ask for better bosses. Rory and Billy are great. I don’t think there is anything that they wouldn’t do to help anyone that needed something.  Before joining Grade Tech, I was working in the non-profit arena and even though I enjoyed that, I am very happy to be working where I am. It’s great that even after 6 years, there is still much I need to learn and I look forward to it. Every day is a new chance to learn something new. Never a dull, or boring day.”

– Mahala

Honestly, I never thought I would work in the construction field. It was a completely foreign industry to me. I was originally going to school to work in the medical field. I quit after a year because I discovered I didn’t enjoy with work. Thankfully, my mother, who has worked at Grade Tech for almost 6 years, got me a job here. Coming to work here has reminded me of an old passion I used to have working on vehicles. Being around all the different equipment and semi-trucks showed me just what I wanted to do with my life. Thanks to Grade Tech, specificity Rory and Billy I’ve been able to work on getting my degree in diesel mechanics and to a future I can’t wait to be in. Without coming to work here and being a part of this amazing community, I would still be stuck on what I want to do.”

– Gabi

Meet Amanda Williams, Executive Assistant at Grade Tech

Amanda Williams - Women in Construction - Grade Tech

“I’ve been working in the office at Grade Tech Power Services for almost two years. I am new in the construction industry and am learning new things daily. I work directly with the owner and management team, which helps me see the daily processes of what it takes to keep a project on track and flowing smoothly. Often times I get to go to project sites and witness our crews in action. Being able to see and understand the entire process and everyone’s role in the organization is amazing. The hard work on site and behind the scenes is like nothing I’ve been able to experience before. I love seeing the pride on our teams faces at a job well done.”


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