The challenges we are facing in our country today are unprecedented. Our way of life and our history are being attacked by our own people. The woke movement is tearing down our country and making it weaker, destroying or dismissing the things that made this country great. Rather than attacking the foundation of our country for the mistakes we made in the past and trying to “mend fences” for stuff that happened many years ago, we should learn from the mistakes that were made and use them to spur us forward.

The lack of support for our military personnel, police officers and even our presidents is tearing down our country. Special Forces are exiting the military in record numbers due to the negativity and disdain they are experiencing, leaving our country vulnerable. Our cities are in a state of chaos and our police officers are under attack due to the actions of a few bad seeds. Instead of judging all police officers by the actions of the few, we should hold the offending parties accountable and support the majority who serve and protect us. This contempt for our history and our way of life has even trickled down to our rodeos—the history of the American West is being attacked.

Our history is our history, there’s no way to change it or delete it—nor should we want to. Along with the negative things that occurred (and from which we have learned and grown), there are plenty of good things to celebrate, such as the belief in our military and police, the focus on family and raising our children to be proud of their country, and instilling a work ethic based on discipline and perseverance. These are the things that made us great…and we need to get back to these things.

How can we learn from past mistakes, grow and be better if we cancel our past? It’s foolish to think we can hide it or cancel it—what happened, happened. Trying to hide mistakes that were made only exacerbates them. When people start thinking that they are entitled to what has been earned by our ancestors, all hell breaks loose. 

Our country has gone from opinion to division. We are no longer UNITED as our country’s name implies. Why can’t we agree to disagree instead of becoming enemies over political views? This country has always been unique in that we were united despite our differences—that’s what made us the superpower that we are today. Our citizens, no matter what political affiliation, supported our president and stood united against all detractors. Unfortunately, we are now fighting each other. Longtime friendships are being dissolved based on whether you fly a Trump flag or a Biden flag in the yard. Our country is being divided and that makes us weak in the eyes of the rest of the world.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Our ancestors didn’t always agree, but they stood united and fought for this country. 

They had the grit and determination to persevere in the face of adversity and make progress despite setbacks and challenges. They pushed through even though circumstances were not always perfect. Rather than “tear down,” our ancestors “built up” this country—and they did it by uniting together despite their differences. 

When we start building on the past instead of tearing it down—learning from our mistakes and our victories to unite together and make this country stronger, we’ll all be better off!