Grade Tech is proud to join our brothers and sisters in the construction industry to observe National Construction Safety Week (May 2-6), an initiative that celebrates our commitment to keeping workers safe on the job. This year’s theme, “Connected. Supported. Safe.” emphasizes the role a supportive environment plays in construction safety, focusing not only on the physical safety of workers, but also on the mental and emotional component of safety on the job.

Grade Tech’s commitment to safety is legendary—we go above and beyond to ensure that our guys go home in one piece. From daily safety meetings to advanced training, open-door communication and the most advanced equipment for power line and substation work, we take safety seriously each and every day. But we also realize that “safety” also includes the mental health of our crews.

“One thing that has become abundantly clear over the past two years, with the pandemic and its consequences, is that we have to pay attention to both physical and mental health in the workplace,” explains Rory Hall, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Grade Tech. “In addition to the safety protocols we follow, we also need to foster a cohesive work environment—people need to feel connected and supported.”

At Grade Tech, we go to great lengths to build camaraderie amongst our crews. Despite the shortage of skilled workers, we are still picky when hiring. We know the importance of finding someone with the right attitude and focus to fit in with our experienced teams. 

We also take the time to come together for team bonding activities and to support our community. We have built trust and confidence in one another by serving food to our local first responders, filling food boxes for the food insecure, and sponsoring activities for disadvantaged children.

As we celebrate National Construction Safety Week, we renew our commitment to safety and to building a work environment in which everyone feels welcome and is an integral part of our team