There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic, now spanning more than 2 years, has affected all of us both at home and at work. The stress and uncertainty resulting from the pandemic has infected every aspect of our lives. Businesses suffered not only from the shutdown and broken supply chain, but also from the stress felt by their employees and the affect it had on their work. At Grade Tech, we are taking several deliberate steps to get back to “business as usual” and restore the positive, collaborative company culture upon which we have built our reputation. To do this, we are re-committing to “forward-thinking in 2022,” weaving that concept into every aspect of our company.

While there are many theories about what “forward-thinking” means, to Grade Tech it means:

Being more proactive and embracing a “thinking ahead” mindset. Taking steps to minimize risk before issues arise benefits our clients and our employees. By taking the time to think ahead and anticipate possible issues and dangers, we can ensure smooth sailing on our projects and keep our employees safe on the job. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive.

Refocusing on systems that have fallen to the back burner. We found ourselves “spread thin” in the last couple of years and have not been able to fully utilize some the systems and programs we previously put in place to streamline tasks and develop team skills—Propeller, B2W software, the Tyfoom app for employee engagement and safety, leadership training, and team building. We are focusing on moving these balls a little bit further each day, analyzing where we are and what we need to do to accomplish our goals.

Supporting those in need in our local community. We always like to help those in need in our local community and make an effort each year to come together as a team in support of local charities. Last year we supported BMX Track Building and the Utah Food Bank. This year we are also supporting Operation Pay it Forward and Children of the Earth. We also celebrated several employee work anniversaries with our Grade Tech Gives Back program, making donations to our employees’ favorite charities. In 2022, we will continue to work together to better our community.

Staying on the leading edge. Having the latest technology and equipment allows us to get the job done faster and better. In the same respect, our guys have the opportunity to learn how to use advanced equipment and keep up with the latest tools of the trade.

Stressing accountability. We all mistakes. Owning up to mistakes when they happen gives us the opportunity to correct the situation and minimize the damage. When employees communicate openly and honestly – and take accountability for their actions—everyone benefits.

Encouraging open communication and idea sharing. We encourage all of our employees to share their ideas. If someone has an idea of how to do things better or smarter, we’re all ears. After all, it’s the guys at the job sites that have the hands-on experience and can see where improvements are needed.

Providing opportunities for our employees. At Grade Tech, our greatest strength is our people. In addition to providing a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and a collaborative work environment, we emphasize training and hands-on learning so that our guys can advance their careers (if they so choose). The goal is to prepare our guys to take on more responsibility and prepare them for leadership roles in the future.

In 2022, we are embracing the old adage “there’s no looking back.” To that end, we are re-committing to the values upon which we have built our company and adopting a forward-thinking mindset. By focusing on these values, there is no limit to what we can achieve!