When it comes to building a career at Grade Tech, or in any of the trades for that matter, opportunities are abundant if you a trade mentality. In this computer age in which nearly all children are encouraged to go to a four-year college, skilled labor is suffering. The prevailing idea that you can only have a good career or make good money by sitting behind a desk is flawed.

For many young people, the thought of sitting behind a desk in an office 40+ hours a week is daunting. On the flipside, being outdoors or moving around and seeing the country, or working with their hands, or creating something is appealing to many teens and young adults – or even some middle-aged people who are looking to change direction and try something new. Those desires, coupled with the drive to make a good living and build a stable life, are the stimuli that lead men and women alike into the trades.

Once you make the decision to join a company like Grade Tech, the opportunities are endless. You control your destination by the way you conduct yourself and the way you choose to approach the job. Whether you aim to advance to a management position, learn skills that will take you elsewhere or even learn the business from the ground up in the hopes of someday owning your own excavating and grading business, there is one essential thing that will help you achieve those goals – a game changer, so to speak. At Grade Tech, we call this the Trade Mentality.

What is a Trade Mentality?

To us, a trade mentality is a mindset or an attitude which involves self-motivation, a willingness to learn and personal accountability. It is the way you conduct yourself to be successful. It’s about growing and evolving instead of standing still. Some people may call it an entrepreneurial spirit – the approach of seeking out new solutions to problems; being self-motivated and eager to learn; the willingness to take a risk and learn from failure; the attitude that anything is possible and the persistence to accomplish it.

It’s about committing to your goal no matter what. It’s about relying on yourself to get the job done and putting yourself on the line. It’s about going back to the drawing board and starting again when you fail. It’s that “no quit” attitude that will take you wherever you want to go.

Honing the Trade Mentality at Grade Tech

At Grade Tech, we support and encourage that trade mentality. We have created a tight-knit company culture that enables success and growth for anyone who is willing to learn. We provide on-the-job training and development through mentorship with an open-door communication between all employees, new and experienced. We offer compensation for outside learning such as substation entry training and OSHA training courses. We also have a Class A CDL program for our team.

In addition, our team members have the opportunity to learn and use the latest technology and tools available. From Late Model and GPS Enabled Heavy Equipment to All Terrain rock slingers, along with some good old-fashioned know-how, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your skills & progress in your craft.

Build Your Career at Grade Tech

If working outdoors, working with your hands, traveling the country, or leaving your mark by creating something that appeals to you, then Grade Tech may be the place to start your career. Likewise, if you’re looking for an opportunity to learn a job from the ground up and build a career that will grow with you, the opportunity is here for the taking. With the right mindset – a trade mentality – you can write your own ticket to success!